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Local Computer Repair Services

PC Diagnostic & Fix

If you're facing issues like PC crashes, blue screens, no boot, no display, etc., we can diagnose and repair them for you. Please note that part replacement or hardware swaps are not included and will incur additional charges.

Starting at $55

PC Cleaning

Is your PC old and covered in dust? Our deep cleaning service ensures that all components and insides of your PC are thoroughly cleaned, leaving it looking like new again.

Does not include "BUG Cleaning"

Starting at $55

Windows 10/11 Pro Installation

Our service includes the installation and activation of Windows 10/11 Professional on your computer, as well as updating and installing all necessary drivers to ensure that your PC is ready to use immediately upon setup.

Prices May Vary

PC Build - Bring Your Own Parts

Allow our team of skilled PC technicians to construct your computer. We will assemble your PC with precision and arrange the cables properly for optimal organization. Moreover, we will perform stress testing and tuning to ensure that your PC functions optimally.

Starting at $100

Same-Day PC Tuning

Optimize and tune up your gaming PC! If you're experiencing slow performance or low FPS, we can resolve those issues.

Starting at $55

Over The Phone Diagnostic

Our technicians will connect with you over the phone to diagnose the problem with your computer. In some cases, hardware replacement may be necessary for a more complicated issue.

Starting at $55

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