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Trade-In Your Old Computer

Give your tech a second-life and save on your next purchase with our convenient trade-in program!

What can you trade in?

We accept desktops, laptops and all-in-one PCs from most major brands in any working conditions.

  • Desktop Towers, Mini-PCs, Gaming PCs, etc..
  • Laptops, Gaming Laptops, Windows Laptops, etc..
  • All-One PCs, iMacs, Dell XPS, HP AIOs, etc..

Items we cannot accept:

  • Broken or non-functional devices
  • Tablets, smartphones, or other non-computer devices
  • Printers, monitors, or other peripherals

Benefits of Our Trade-In Program

Save Money

Get money back for your old computer and use it towards a new upgrade!

Peace of Mind:
We handle the data wiping and recycling of your old computer.
Some systems might even see a second life!

Sustainable Choice

Minimize electronic waste by recycling your old technology and extending its lifespan!

Simple and uncomplicated trade-in experience Experience a hassle-free trade-in process

How Does It Work?

  1. Get a Value Estimate: Visit our website or visit your local VOXBURG store to get an instant online or in-store estimate for your old computer. Simply answer a few questions about your device's model, condition, and specifications. Don’t know, don't worry we will help you every step of the way.
  2. Bring Your Computer In: If you like the estimated value, bring your old computer to any VOXBURG store. Our trained technicians will inspect your device to confirm its condition and finalize the trade-in value.
  3. Get Store Credit for your next purchase: Choose how you want to receive your trade-in credit:
    *Store Credit: Apply the credit towards your purchase of a new VOXBURG computer.*


Start Your Computer Trade-In Today!

VOXBURG Trade-In Program

Max Store Credit of $500*

1. Eligibility:

  • All desktop PCs and laptops in working condition are eligible.
  • Age limit: Computers older than 5 years may receive reduced value or be ineligible.
  • Damage assessment: Cracked screens, water damage, and missing parts significantly affect value.

2. Valuation Process:

  • Online Valuation Tool: Provide accurate computer specifications and conditions for an initial estimate.
  • In-Store Evaluation: Bring your computer to any VOXBURG store for a professional assessment (recommended for higher-value machines).
  • Final Offer: We reserve the right to modify the initial estimate based on actual condition.

3. Trade-In Method:

  • In-Store Drop-Off: The simplest option. Receive your VOXBURG max store credit immediately upon acceptance.
  • Ship-In Trade-In: Securely package your computer with the provided materials and shipping label, credit is issued upon receipt of inspection and approval.

4. Data Security:

  • Data Wipe: We offer safe and secure data-wiping services for traded-in devices.
  • Customer Responsibility: Back up important data before trade-in to avoid the risk of loss.

5. Payment:

  • VOXBURG Max Store Credit: Use your credit towards your next computer purchase at any VOXBURG store or online.
  • Optional Cash Option: Receive a reduced cash value instead of store credit (available in-store only)*.

6. Additional Notes:

  • Trade-in value capped at $500.
  • VOXBURG reserves the right to refuse trade-in of certain models or conditions.
  • Program subject to change without prior notice.

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