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GeForce RTX 40 series SUPER: VOXBURG's Update

Nvidia's GeForce RTX 40 Series Gets Super-Charged: More Power, Better Value

Forget lukewarm, CES 2024 brought the heat with Nvidia's mid-gen update: the RTX 40 Super series. Three RTX 40 GPUs are getting a Super-sized boost – 4070, 4070 Ti, and 4080 – packing more of everything: shader cores, ray tracing cores, and the Tensor AI magic behind DLSS.

Super Specs, Super Savings:

Each Super card comes at the same or even a sweeter price than its original counterpart. The $599.99 RTX 4070 Super (Jan. 17 launch) boasts a beefed-up core count, rivaling the 4070 Ti. It's 1440p gaming bliss without compromise, despite a bump from 200W to 220W power draw.

Stepping Up the Superpower:

The $799.99 RTX 4070 Ti Super (Jan. 24 launch) bridges the gap to the 4080 even tighter than its predecessor. Core boost? Check. 12GB to 16GB memory jump? Check. Same 700W power requirement? You got it. This beast tackles 1440p effortlessly and might even conquer 4K, depending on the game.

The Super King:

The throne belongs to the $999.99 RTX 4080 Super (Jan. 31 launch). This 4K champion packs more cores, a clock speed nudge, and even manages to be slightly more power-efficient than the original 4080, all while saving you $200! But beware, its 3-slot size demands a hefty 750W power supply.

Variety is the Spice of Super:

Just like previous launches, expect beyond Nvidia's sleek Founders Edition. Cooler designs, higher clock speeds, and flashy RGB will grace Super cards from various manufacturers. So, stay tuned for where and when to land your Super GPU soulmate.

Written By:
Peter Chigurh 

Nvidia, CES, RTX, 4070 Super Super TI, 4080 Super,

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